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Company Timeline

  • 1986-

    Entec Industries launch the first commercially designed 6" gravity fed wood chipper
    "The Chippit". "A new innovation revolutionising the industry"

  • 1995-

    First commercialy designed 6" hydraulic feed wood chipper under 750kg launched
    "Revolutionising performance within the chipping industry"

  • 1999-

    The Timberwolf brand is born
    1st Timberwolf dealer signed
    1st orange chipper sold in the UK

  • 2002-

    New purpose built factory
    "Meeting new demand"

  • 2003-

    "A Timberwolf is available to everyone, we now cover all corners of the UK"

  • 2007-

    5,000th machine sold
    Timberwolf premises double in size and quadruple production
    "We simply need more space to meet new demand"

  • 2008-

    Now the most popular wood chipper brand in the UK
    Sales expand into Europe - "We're introducing Timberwolf to the rest of Europe"

  • 2015-

    10,000th machine sold

  • 2016-

    Our pack continues to grow

  • 2017

    Timberwolf extend their Petrol Wood Chipper Range - We now have the largest range of low emission petrol wood chippers In the UK market